Tarot of the Silicon Dawn

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I have been taking part in a ‘deck of the week’ group on a board I frequent called Aeclectic Tarot.  We choose one deck each week to explore. For me this is great because I have so many decks, some of which I have meant to get around to using. In this group we explore readings for ourselves, and in reading circles where we read for each other.


This is a rather unconventional deck with extra cards, it is very non traditional. The artwork is modern, and in my opinion, interesting and beautiful. At first I found it a bit confusing to read with, but as I study the comparisons of the cards with my own life in daily draws, I am developing a new relationship with this deck.



If anyone would love a short reading with this deck, contact me. I would love practice. These readings would be free, but I would ask for feedback on whether the reading was helpful (that would be required.) If you would be open to it, I would also like to feature the reading here.

If you would ever like to get to know your deck better, I strongly suggest an intensive study with daily draws, and readings for others, journaling and even comparing the cards with other decks to see the similarity as well as differences. This deck has a fabulous book along with it.



Why not the gentle waves?

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So many swords, I am definitely up in my head, my thoughts creating this hole I find myself in. When I look at the 8 of Swords, I see someone who it there out of her own choosing, self imposed bondage, a victim. Wow, I must be mired in some kind of ‘victim mentality.’ I pride myself on being on top of that kind of thing, but I have noticed thoughts of self pity, and misery running through my head. The image in the 9 of Swords is another kind of bondage, bondage to thoughts. I am seeing also a very stubborn face. Am I being stubborn in holding onto this way of thinking? Me thinks so 🙂


The 3 of Swords, I know why that is there, there are many things that are making my heart feel it is being pierced. I feel it is an illusion that something outside of me is “making” me feel anything. I know this in my head, yes, my head. I am there right now. Being trapped there and overthinking everything is like Hell.


This morning, I thought the emotional storm was over, at least, I thought there was a reprieve. When I drew this spread, I figured it was an impression of the ‘lately’, which has been a bit tempestuous. If I drew these cards for someone else, depending on the person, I would have to be diplomatic in forming my words, but it is me… I am the hardest subject to read for because of being so close to things, and having attachments. I kind of shrugged it off to continue on with my day, figuring that I’d revisit them later.

This evening, I find myself immersed in negative thinking, even when I know it to be harmful.

I no longer want to run from these swords. I have been wondering why I have not drawn The Tower this year with all of it’s events. The Tower pointing more to the traumatic and sudden change. Not one Tower, but many Swords. Perhaps that is because this whole suffering thing is in my head, and all it will take is a clear decision not to suffer any more, to go along with the changes which if I don’t resist them are like gently swells. I have instead been dwelling in the rough surf, and it has been my own placement of myself.



In Awe? or in ‘aw’ ?

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This was the last card I was expecting when I picked up my trusty Victorian Romantic deck today. I have recently been through a very tough series of events and feelings. I have been confronted with anger I had forgotten about (proof that the things left unacknowledged always come back around.)

Feeling very misunderstood at the last place of employment I was in, I am deciding whether I should even approach it again, or let it go. I am really having a dilemma about it because it is my professional reputation. I am not wanting to bother the business owner (who I have the utmost respect for,) because she is on vacation, and I know she has the wrong idea about me. The last career move I made was a mistake because I am a free spirit, and cannot seem to conform to being employed by one of my peers. There are things I want to say, but am not saying.

Also, during the recent hurricane, we had tropical storm force winds in the area and they took down mighty trees all around me, one of them being my back neighbors. You could see the branches hanging on the top of our shed, doing no damage to the shed, but making it visible to us. Imaging my surprise when the neighbors piled the debris from *their* tree over the fence into my yard?? Being a peaceful (non confrontational) person, I decided to keep it for my fire pit, and say nothing. It is only me and my kids, and due to the recent events in my family and career life, I am not feeling very powerful.  Once again, I am silencing myself. My choice.

I did, however, speak my mind finally to a friend who was condescending and judgmental to me about a life choice she thought I was making (she was also assumptive.) I basically stood up for myself, and now I have lost intimacy with someone who has shown herself to be a friend conditional to my agreement with her opinions. I used to keep silent and love her where she was at, expecting the same in return. I did not get the same in return.

I also spoke my mind to a romantic partner who resurfaced in my life. Things did not go well there. He became a receptacle for anger. Not only towards him, but the injustices and discomfort I felt about the situations I was in.

In both cases, they moved away from me, which brought pain. I know pain is not bad, it is growth, it is shadow… damnit though, it hurts 😦



What could this card be telling me? The figures seem to be in awe of the celestial beings who do appear to be glowing with certainty and sudden enlightenment. Am I in for some enlightenment? I sure hope so? It seems inevitable that it will happen. I will wait and pray like the figures on the card. I will also be ready and waiting for it to show, but wait… Is it already there? If so, then why am I not seeing it?

I have a hard time reading for myself, instead I ponder and reflect on the images before me. The message I am getting with this one is to wait for the ‘aha’ moment, it will come. When it does, I will be ready.

When I look again though, I see the celestial beings as my anger, showing up for me to welcome and acknowledge. Hello anger my old friend……

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